Glen Hauser

Glen Hauser

Post by Gary Bourgois,Hamsha » Sun, 01 Nov 1992 02:54:03

Now don't go telling me this is a co-incidence.  We have OBVIOUS PROOF that
the *** EXISTS!

Is it just a mere chance of nature that GLENN HAUSERS WOR #666 occurs on
Halloween night?  (Not counting preplays and replays, we know that SATURDAY
is the true time/space co-ordinates for ALL DX programs....)



Don't forget to tune to the pirate bands Saturday Night (if you see this in
time)  we have it on good authority that there will be a mass pirate party.

To celebrate, those with GENIE access can join the RTC with the SIGNALS GANG.

gb...  Still recovering from the LIVE Signals show.

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