FRSH transmissions

FRSH transmissions

Post by joepdoe » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

Here is some more info on FRS-H, about upcomming transmissions and

Transmission of 22nd of March:

Due to some problems, we dindn't have our full-lenght schedule last
Sunday, you know the joined transmission with EMR.

That's why the programmes are repeated on the 5th Sunday,
that's the 29nd of March. Freq = 6275 kHz.

Next one:

A full-lenght broadcast will be aired on the 5th of April, between
10.00 - 14.00 CET on 5815 kHz. There is also a possibility of another
outlet round 7315 - 7400 kHz. Our home engineer B. Speed is preparing
another antenna and it will be tested then. On the 5th of April, we'll
have golden oldies, DX news and a fresh Short shortwave parade, so
keep those suggestions comming to:


Welcome to the FReSHman in this listing !! Our list is growing
rapidly and there are now more the 150 radio-lovers on it.
But, please keep us informed on any change of addresses so we don't
have to keep on checking on returned mail.

Thnxs !!!

Till next time,

Free Radio Service Holland