ILGRadio Shortwave database available through IRRS-Shortwave / NEXUS-IBA

ILGRadio Shortwave database available through IRRS-Shortwave / NEXUS-IBA

Post by Alfredo E. Cotrone » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

*** An update from IRRS-Shortwave and NEXUS-IBA ***

At IRRS-Shortwave and NEXUS-IBA we have added a special help and support
page located at, with special free gifts to
Shortwave enthusiasts.

Many public radio stations in the USA survive not because of
advertising, but mostly because they
receive financial support from their listeners, and they are run by
NEXUS-IBA is no exception, besides the fact that we operate from Milano,
Italy, and
serve an European audience.

Funds raised though this subscription service are used to keep our
station on the air, and
sponsor some of the new non-religious, public radio offerings which will
be aired during
the summer. For every donation we are giving away free copies of the
ILGRadio Shortwave
database of HF broadcasting  frequencies, edited and prepared by Bernd
Friedewald of ILGSoftware
Company in Germany, and available from our servers for the PC
compatibles. A Mac version will
be available soon, for more info please contact the author at

Additional information is also available at : (Subscription/Donation page) (General info on NEXUS-IBA) (ILGRAdio Software information) (Schedules)

And finally, here a brief descrition of NEXUS-IBA :

  "NEXUS-IBA is a non-profit association which has elected to do
something different in the
  world of broadcasting. Our FM and shortwave stations are built on the
premise that
  profits are not the be-all and end-all of broadcasting. We are an
all-volunteer cooperative
  with less than 15 people giving their spare time to keep us alive.

  They do this largely because we are a free radio station with no
political or religious ties,
  and because of the free access policies of our operation. Since 1979,
when all this
  began, anyone with anything halfway sensible to say has been able to
access our
  microphones, even if it meant having to run the risk of criticism. In
fact, ours is one of the
  very few experiments in genuinely free media-accessing in Europe.

  In addition to FM and shortwave, we are now also on the Internet.
Needless to say, all this
  is very expensive in time as well as money. We carry no advertising on
our stations, and
  there is no commercial sponsorship except the active support of our
volunteers, our
  Association members, and our listeners.

  We want to survive, and that's why we're now asking for your support
by subscribing to
  NEXUS-IBA. As a "thank you" for your donation, you will receive free
copies of the
  excellent ILG database software, as well of course, as our gratitude."