"Media" & "Sports" on Radio Australia

"Media" & "Sports" on Radio Australia

Post by John A. Figliozz » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Here's some last minute programming information for Radio Australia:

Thu. 0030 on 21740; 1030 on 13605; 1530 on 9580; 2330 on 21740.
The Australian government is to decide soon how digital television will
operate when it is introduced here in January 2001. Media companies are
in Canberra lobbying
Communications Minister Richard Alston this week. A look at some of the

Fri. 0030 on 21740; 1030 on 13605; 1530 on 9580; 2130 on 21740.
THE SPORTS FACTOR - Last Days Chez Collingwood
On the eve of the Collingwood Football Club's final game at their
Victoria Park, Amanda Smith speaks with past players Bob Rose, Peter
McKenna and Tony Shaw. Magpie fans also talk about the last days of
their notorious suburban footy ground.

Times and days in UT.  Good listening!
John Figliozzi