BBC World Service and Arab service [X-post]

BBC World Service and Arab service [X-post]

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Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 01:55:20 GMT
Subject: Saudi Hijack of Arab Media In London
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Saudi Arabia Hijack the freedom of the Arab Media in London
Article By Samir,S
(My name is abbreviated for security)

Part : one

London used to be the paradise of the Arab Media ,where everything
is said was not censored ,where there was no fear of a dictator
who can use his iron***to control the media .Journalists of Arab
origin like me were free to express their opinions about the
Arab dictators ,the crisis in the Middle east , about some  Arab
family rule in the Gulf which deprive its own Arab people from
having a democracy or even a parliament , the stealing of the Arab
oil wealth by the Mafia families which rule by the sword and the
gun . Many Journalists of Arab origin who lived in London and
acquired British citizenship were enjoying the privilege of working
in or from London because they were able through more than a dozen
Arabic dailies and magazines ,to express their views without fear  .
There were plenty of work also for all Arab-British Journalists .

Suddenly every thing changed and in a matter of a few years the
Saudi Arabia Mafia ruling family hijacked the freedom of the Arab
Media in London ,bought almost all Arabic Newspapers and magazines
,established its own TV station, and bought on top of this Spectrum
Radio ,which is a community multi language Radio (including
 Arabic)for Londoners  ,so that they can kill any criticism
directed to them .
The hijack of the freedom Arab media have resulted in making the
Saudis take control and so they have to import new staff who can
only say what the Saudi want to say ,and to exclude every
Britis journalist of Arab origin , who refuse to be one their
obedient servants. Many Arab British Journalists were left
unemployed in their own country (Britain),while the Arab Media was
controlled by the Saudi Royal Family money.

. In fact the Saudi Royal family ,which is acting as "Mafia" , have
bought all the Arab Media in London and even they have a the
big share now in the BBC ,the greatest British Establishment ,as
the new BBC WORLD SERVICE ARABIC TELEVISION is financed by the
Let me explain in some details : At the beginning of the
eighties they ( The Saudi were feeling with a strong criticism
coming from the Arabic Media in London) ,so they started with
establishing in London "The Saudi Arabian Company for marketing and
Research " which publish the Arab Daily Newspaper "AL SHARK AL
AWSAT ",The Arab daily Al Muslumoun, and the weekly magazines : "Al
Majalla" ,"Saydati". At this stage millions of pounds poured into
this establishment to make it an influential voice of the Saudi
Royal family . But , surprises happened , as members of the Royal
family ,fought among each other and tried to influence the
administration of this establishment .

The group of the selected pioneer mainly Lebanese staff of the
Newspaper Al Shark Al Awsat daily ,benefited from the conflict and
as they control the accounts ,they (as it was rumoured)took
advantage as having high salaries , cars ,and even their home
mortgages were paid in full . It was rumoured that several millions
of pounds from this Establishment have gone into private
A clash with the Lebanese staff has taken place and suddenly all of
them resigned . Then members of the Saudi Royal Family met in secret
in the mid eighties and decided to divided the Arab Media in London
Among themselves . As a result of this agreement all the Suspected
Lebanese staff of Al Shark Al Awsat Newspapers ,.....who resigned
were compensated. According to the agreement all the Lebanese who
resigned ,and who are sincere servants of the Royal Family ,were
allocated a budget of over 50 million dollars to establish another
Arab daily ,which is Al Hayat Newspaper !! So Al Shark Al Awsat
,after the Lebanese left ,was Saudized and had a Saudi Arabian
Chief Editor to replace the Lebanese one . Both daily newspapers
,have their money come direct from this faction or the other of the
Saudi Arabian family ,and no body questioned in London from where
the money comes or even protested the death of the freedom of the
Arab Media in London .
After this ,the Saudi Mafia did not stop as they kept an
open eye to control London from another field, ie the Television and
Sheikh Walid Al Ibrahim ,3o years old, is the brother of the
wife of King Fahd ,the king of Saudi Arabia ,spent over 100 Million
US dollars to establish in London the Satellite Saudi Television
"MBC",and to look more liberal and distract the media attention
away from the Fanatic regime in his country ,he employed almost all
the staff from the Lebanese Maronite sect(good servants of the
royal family) ,and there is a joke about this , as instead of saying
that the MBC stands for Middle East Broadcasting Centre ,they say
the Maronite Broadcasting Centre . and to look more liberal and
less fanatic Sheikh Walid ,put the Vatican Radio ,in the third
Audio channel of the MBC . Sheikh Walid ,the miracle boy of 30
,who play with millions  of pounds and has direct access to the
Pocket of King Fahd ,did not stop at establishing an international
Arab TV for Saudi Arabia ,as he also bought the multi language
London Radio "Spectrum Radio" so that he can control the Arabic
section of this Radio . So after the Royal family of Saudi Arabia
controlled three dailies ,two magazines, International TV station
(MBC),and a London Radio station ,they began the big attack to get
a piece of the greatest British Establishments, ie the BBC
Television. They formed a group and put money in their hands and
thus began the BBC world service Television in Arabic ,which is a
copy of the BBC Television ,but with Saudi money and control.

Why they want to control the media in London ?
To kill the freedom of the Arab Media in London ,as London was
the best playground for the democracy and freedom of Arab media . The
Saudi Control of the Arab Media in London excluded all honest Arab
journalists , and recruited servants who say "yes your Royal
highness" to the Mafia family .  I was , a victim of this mafia
myself .  

I am writing to the Internet readers ,because I have no place to
work  in the Arab Media in London controlled by the Saudi Arabia
Mafia Family . The Internet is the only place I can write to ,and
I hope they will not buy it too .



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