Hurricane Watch Net - Activation Plans

Hurricane Watch Net - Activation Plans

Post by dxAc » Mon, 18 Aug 2008 06:40:11

Activation plan for Fay, forecast to be a Cat 1 Hurricane on shore on the island
of Cuba sometime Monday, August 18

The HWN will be active on our net frequency of 14.325Mhz beginning at 1800UTC,
Sunday, August 17. We will remain active late into the night on Sunday for the
purpose of disseminating current weather bulletin information, and for the
purpose of identifying and listing amateur radio stations in the path of the
storm who can provide observed and/or measured weather information from the
affected area. We will commence operations on Monday and Tuesday mornings
beginning with first sign of band propagation on 20 meters.

For the purpose of Hurricane Fay, we will attempt to resort to 3.950Mhz and/or
7.268Mhz if or when 20 meters should become unusable. You may monitor this page
for any announced decision to move to those alternate frequencies and for HWN
net operations plans beyond Tuesday.