Midland 74-250 vs Oregon Scientific wr-102 vs wr-8000

Midland 74-250 vs Oregon Scientific wr-102 vs wr-8000

Post by otterd.. » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 03:17:45


I'm looking into purchasing a portable weather radio.  After some
research, I am trying to choose between the Midland 74-250, and
the Oregon Scientific WR-102, however the WR-8000 may still be in the

74-250 & wr-102 both  have S.A.M.E. and are about the same size & price.
The 74-250 seems to have AC capability, an ear phone jack, and
a temperature gauge which, as far as I can tell, the WR-102 does
not.  I am sort of leaning toward the 74-250 because of that.

I was also thinking of the WR-8000, but since it does not have
S.A.M.E., I ruled it out, however, the WR-8000 claims to
"monitor the U.S. Emergency Alert System", which the other do not.
Does anyone know if this matters?
Also, I am assuming that S.A.M.E. functionality acts like a filter,
so in other words, if I did not want to use it, I could, true?

If anyone has any experience or comments on any of these,
I would appreciate hearing them?


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