Radio Logs from the Shortwave Log Community

Radio Logs from the Shortwave Log Community

Post by Robert Sillet » Thu, 11 Sep 2003 03:56:38

Shortwave Log is a logging and remote control program.  The Shortwave Log
Community is a live, real-time, multiuser logbook.  111 logs from 10 people
have been
posted to the Shortwave Log Community in the past week.  Shortwave Log
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ALBANIA   Radio Tirana   6115.0   0254-0256   English   53243   Sep-03
Woman reading reception reports.  Sign off.  There is a very strong
pulse, like a geiger counter, on this broadcast.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA   BBC Worldservice   15190.0   1405-1407   English
45334   Sep-09   News.  Promo for news bulletins every half hour.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA   Deutsche Welle   6075.0   0249-0252   German   54434
Sep-03   Frau mit sprechen ber den Irak und Afganistan.  Die Sendung
hat sehr schlechte Audioqualit?t.  Es gibt ein starkes Echo.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA   Deutsche Welle   6075.0   0411-0412   German   55545
Sep-08   Ein Report ber amerikanische Filme.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA   Deutsche Welle   15410.0   2344-2359   German   35544
Sep-04   Ein Report ber europ?ische Industrie.

ASCENSION ISLAND (U.K.)   WYFR (Family Radio)   15195.0   2013-2014
24222   Sep-06   Preacher with sermon.

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   6020.0   1058-1059   English   44444   Sep-08

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   9580.0   1057-1058   English   55445   Sep-08
Frequency list, IS, ID.

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   9580.0   1115-1246   English   34444   Sep-05
Report on religious schools in Pakistan.  Bush Telegraph program has
interviews on organic farming and with a country music singer.  News:
Hong Kong has withdrawn a controversial anti-subversion bill that was
put on hold following a massive public protest in July.  A music program
that is playing techno music.

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   9580.0   1210-1217   English   35444   Sep-04
Panel discussion on the evils of capitalism, promoting the wonderful
values of socialism.

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   9580.0   1325-1332   English   33434   Sep-09
Eastern European music then music from Ireland.

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   12080.0   1059-1100   English   25332   Sep-08

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia   15515.0   0405-0407   English   25334   Sep-08
Arafat appoints a new prime minister.  ID.

BOTSWANA   Voice of America   15580.0   2022-2024   English   34333   Sep-04
Report says that investment will suffer a dramatic decline this year
because of low economic growth.  The number of cross-border mergers and
acquitions is very small.

BRAZIL   Radio Nacional da Amazonia (Brazil)   11780.0   0322-0324
35443   Sep-05   Music.  Announcer with ID "Radio Bras".  Woman tal

BULGARIA   Radio Bulgaria   7500.0   0354-0355   Russian   42242   Sep-08
Woman talking.

CANADA   CHU   3330.0   0329-0330   English & French   45455   Sep-08

CANADA   Radio Canada International   9515.0   1318-1320   English   35444
Sep-04   Discussion of depression within Toronto.

CANADA   Radio Canada International   13655.0   1333-1356   English   55555
Sep-09   Qubcois pop music.  ID as CBC Radio One.  In two days a group
of Canadians who lost family will mark the anniversary of 9/11 at Ground
Zero.  An interview with a woman who lost her father.

CANADA   Radio Canada International   13655.0   1353-1458   English   55555
Sep-07   Sunday Edition: Gospel music.  Then Pete Seger "This Land is
Your Land".  Also a mention of the "ugliest place this side of Pittsburgh".
A search for the ugliest place in Canada.  A report on an ultra-leftist
day care in Toronto in the early 1970s.

CANADA   Radio Canada International   15325.0   2004-2008   English   34333
Sep-04   France and Germany criticize the US proposed UN security council
resolution on Iraq that would share power.  The US cannot sustain its
current force in Iraq beyond March 2004, so the US is asking for UN h

CANADA   Radio Canada International   15325.0   2014-2015   English   24211
Sep-06   Signal fades in and out.  Mention of several cities in Ont

CANADA   Radio Canada International   15455.0   2335-2339   English   35344
Sep-04   Discussion of Canadian car insurance rates.  Canada has a very
highly regulated insurance system.  The Toronto Blue Jays are now known
just as the "Jays".  They've dropped both the Maple Leaf and the word/color

CANADA   Radio Japan (NHK)   5960.0   0243-0244   Japanese   55445   Sep-03
Woman talking then a series of sounds, like a chainsaw.

CANADA   Radio Nederland Wereldomroep   5965.0   1101-1102   English
55545   Sep-08   Environmental policy in Slovakia.

CANADA   Radio Nederland Wereldomroep   5965.0   1217-1225   English
55545   Sep-04   Newsline: the Dutch prime minister visited the White
House.  He announced that the Netherlands and the USA will cooperate on
AIDS research.  Report on *** against white farmers in South Africa.
End of transmission.

CANADA   Radio Telefis ireann (RT)   13640.0   1850-1859   Gaelic   55555
Sep-07   News.  Mention of the resignation of Palestinean prime minister
Abaas.  Quick ID as Radio Canada relay, then end of transmission.

CHILE   Voz Christiana   15375.0   0305-0307   Spanish   14232   Sep-05
Man with what sounds like a sermon.

CHILE   Voz Christiana   15375.0   0403-0404   Spanish   35333   Sep-08
Woman talking and news.

CHILE   Voz Christiana (Chile)   6070.0   0637-0640   Spanish   34433
Sep-04   Spanish Speaker

CHILE   Voz Christiana (Chile)   11745.0   0324-0327   Portuguese   14431
Sep-05   Music.  Male announcer.

CHINA   China Music Jammer   15430.0   2339-2341   Chinese   12331   S

CHINA   China Music Jammer   15550.0   2328-2334   English   14242   Sep-04
Chinese music jamming a Radio Free Asia broadcast.

COSTA RICA   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   3350.0   0331-0333   Spanish
35433   Sep-08   Man talking to woman.

COSTA RICA   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   6125.0   0256-0257   Spanish
45434   Sep-03   ID.  Spanish guitar interlude, then some pop music as
a lead-in to a promo about Brazilian music.

COSTA RICA   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   17850.0   2026-2027   Spanish
33232   Sep-06   Soccer game (or some sort of sporting event).

COSTA RICA   World University Network   5030.0   0304-0305   English
34232   Sep-03   Country music clip, then a voice-over giving the email
and postal address.

CUBA   China Radio International   9570.0   1305-1315   English   34444
Sep-04   Discussion of the Israeli-Palestinean conflict.  US to ask
UN for help with Iraq.  China is preparing for a new outbreak of SARS
this winter.

CUBA   China Radio International   17720.0   1408-1410   English   14221
Sep-09   Mention about the everyday lives of Chinese people.

CUBA   Radio Havana   6000.0   0244-0245   English   54344   Sep-03
with Zambian female delegates to some conference in Cuba.  Very poor audio

CUBA   Radio Havana   9550.0   1316-1318   Spanish   15432   Sep-04   Man
and woman talking.

CUBA   Radio Havana   15230.0   0400-0403   Spanish   14311   Sep-08

ECUADOR   HCJB (Voice of the Andes)   15545.0   2021-2022   German   14332
Sep-04   Ein Report ber Leute und das Wachstum der Kirche.

ECUADOR   R.Quito   4920.0   0640-0645   Spanish   33233   Sep-04   Signing
in Spanish

FRANCE   Radio France Internationale   7280.0   0346-0347   French   55444
Sep-08   Man talking about politics and secrets.

FRANCE   Radio France Internationale   11995.0   0308-0309   French   14332
Sep-05   Woman newsreader.  Man with news story.

FRANCE   Radio France Internationale   15300.0   1953-2003   French   24332
Sep-04   Music and talk program.

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle   3995.0   0306-0308   German   55444   Sep-03
Diskussion ber eine neue Rolle fr die UNO im Irak.

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle   3995.0   0341-0342   German   35333   Sep-08
Sportreport.  Fu?ballkerben.

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle   6100.0   0252-0254   German   55455   Sep-03
// 6075.  Ein Mann mit einer Diskussion auf deutscher Literatur.  Es
gibt kein Echo auf diesem Sendung.

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle   17810.0   2024-2026   English   22232   Sep-06
Report about aging parents.

GERMANY   infoRadio Berlin   7265.0   0335-0402   German   34333   Sep-05
SWR Cont.Ra mit Relais von infoRadio Berlin. Gute Signalst?rke.  Eine
Aufnahme wird angebracht.

GREECE   Radio Liberty   7295.0   0348-0349   Belorussian   54434   Sep-08
Man talking.

GREECE   Voice of Greece   5865.0   0229-0236   Greek   45333   Sep-03
Greek music

IRAN   Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran   13710.0   0408-0410   Azeri
25232   Sep-08   Woman talking, then musical interlude.

ISRAEL   Kol Israel   17535.0   2018-2020   Hebrew   24211   Sep-06   Man
talking.  Then a woman with an introduction then music.

ITALY   Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI)   11800.0   0320-0322   Italian
35443   Sep-05   Woman talking - mention of the Italian capital.

ITALY   Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI)   21515.0   2028-2042   Italian
45444   Sep-06   Soccer game.  This frequency is not listed as being
active at this time; however, RAI does use 21515 earlier in the day and

It's as if someone forgot to turn off the transmitter a couple of hours

KUWAIT   Radio Kuwait   15505.0   2018-2020   Arabic   35444   Sep-04
Man and woman talking with Arabic musical interludes.  It seems as if
it could be a story or play.

MAURITANIA   R.Mauritanie   4845.0   0644-0647   French/Arabic   33323
Sep-04   Singing in Arabic, Propogation eliminates Malaysia on Same

MEXICO   Radio Educacion (Mexico)   6185.0   0625-0630   Spanish   21232
Sep-04   Singing first thought it was chinese then mexican speaker.

MOROCCO   Radiodiffusion-Television Marocaine   11920.0   0311-0313   Arabic
32332   Sep-05   Man talking.  Second man with story with mention of
Washington.  Arabic music.

MOROCCO   Radiodiffusion-Television Marocaine   15345.0   2008-2013   Arabic
24333   Sep-04

MOROCCO   Radiodiffusion-Television Marocaine   15345.0   2015-2017   Arabic
24322   Sep-06   Man talking.  Cannot make out any significant deta

MOROCCO   Radiodiffusion-Television Marocaine   15345.0   2132-2140
33323   Sep-07   Arabic speakers woman and man talking. Propogation
indicates this is Morrocco not Argentina Station on same frequency.

MOROCCO   Voice of America   11680.0   0331-0335   Arabic   44444   Sep-05
Arabic announcer.  American pop music.

MOROCCO   Voice of America   11985.0   0309-0310   Farsi   35444   Sep-05
Man with mention of democracy.  Good signal.

MOROCCO   Voice of America   15280.0   1950-1953   Serbian   14431   Sep-04
Man with interview program.

MOROCCO   Voice of America   15410.0   2017-2018   English   25443   Sep-04
Report on the reduction of prices for AIDS ***.  ID.

MOROCCO   Voice of America   17895.0   2027-2028   English   24222   Sep-06
Mention of South Africa and Malawi.

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES   Radio Nederland Wereldomroep   6165.0   0257-0258
Spanish   55445   Sep-03   Woman talking.

PORTUGAL   Radiodifusao Portugues?   17575.0   2021-2022   Portuguese
35333   Sep-06   Soccer game.

PORTUGAL   Radiodifusao Portugues?   21540.0   2046-2049   Portuguese
24322   Sep-06   // 17,575 kHz.  Soccer game.

ROMANIA   Radio Romania International   11725.0   0327-0330   Romanian
31441   Sep-05   Overlapping signal from Radio Cairo on the same frequency.
However, Madonna's song "American Girl" can still be heard.  The Radio
Cairo signal has Arabic music, so it's quite the interesting mix!  ID
as Radio Romania.

RUSSIA   Radio Russia   7370.0   0351-0352   Russian   53333   Sep-08
Piano music and woman talking.

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE   Voice of America   7290.0   0347-0348   English
33333   Sep-08   News: US Senator Biden says that support for Iraq is
fading fast.

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE   Voice of America   13725.0   0410-0411   Kinyarwanda
14221   Sep-08   Man talking

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   6055.0   0247-0248   Spanish   54555
Sep-03   Excellent signal.  S9+60.  Man with news reports.

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   15110.0   2006-2009   Spanish   55445
Sep-06   Several men in a heated conversation about soccer.

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espana   15110.0   2035-2055   Spanish   55535
Sep-07   Excellent Signal with a whole lotta spanish speaking

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   15385.0   0001-0039   English   24333
Sep-05   News: France and Germany reject the new American proposal on
Iraq.  Then Spanish jazz music.

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   17560.0   2020-2021   Arabic   44344
Sep-06   Woman speaking about the city of Medina and Islam.

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de Espa?a   21700.0   2049-2051   Spanish   55444
Sep-06   Combination soccer game and call-in show.

SWEDEN   Radio Sweden International   17840.0   1410-1413   Swedish   45333
Sep-09   News.  A report about a 50% reduction in something.

TURKEY   Voice of Turkey   7270.0   0343-0346   English   23343   Sep-08
Muffled audio.  Woman talking in monotone.

TURKEY   Voice of Turkey   11885.0   0315-0316   Turkish   15432   Sep-05
Turkish pop music.  Woman singing.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   United Arab Emirates Radio   15395.0   2016-2017
Arabic   24333   Sep-04   Arabic music.

UNITED KINGDOM   Adventist World Radio   15385.0   2013-2016   English
14232   Sep-04   Religious music

UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Worldservice   6195.0   0258-0259   English   45444
Sep-03   Market reports.  Promo about a new series that will explore
America's need for energy versus its demads for over 200 million cars

UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Worldservice   6195.0   0300-0301   English   34222
Sep-03   At 0259 you could clearly hear the antenna being changed.
The signal is much, much weaker.  ID then the World Today program.

UNITED STATES   BBC Worldservice   11835.0   0316-0320   English   35434
Sep-05   Travel journal of a trek in Congo.  Note of bullet holes and
other evidence of war in Congo.

UNITED STATES   KIPM   6925.0   0120-0319   English   54455   Sep-05
SS 3-5 EXCELLENT reception Logged at ACE-and

UNITED STATES   KIPM   6925.0   0530-0629   English   44344   Sep-06
The "Secret Bonus Show"

UNITED STATES   KIPM   6925.0   1309-1312   English   43344   Sep-06
SS 3-5 some fading Logged at ACE -Pirate Database

UNITED STATES   KTBN (Trinity Broadcasting)   7505.0   0355-0356   English
55555   Sep-08   Radio story with music in the background.

UNITED STATES   Radio Marti   6030.0   0246-0247   Spanish   41431   Sep-03
Heavy Cuban jamming.

UNITED STATES   Radio Taipei International (Taiwan)   5950.0   0242-0243
English   54455   Sep-03   Chinese pop music.

UNITED STATES   Radio Taipei International (Taiwan)   15130.0   2009-2013
French   45545   Sep-06   Woman talking about politics.  Mention of
a professor at a university in China (Taiwan?).  Repeated mention of

UNITED STATES   WBOH   5920.0   0237-0240   English   53454   Sep-03
Preacher talking about planting a seed.

UNITED STATES   WEWN (Eternal Word Television)   17595.0   2022-2023
English   14322   Sep-06   Preacher with sermon about the Last Supper

UNITED STATES   WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio)   3210.0   0324-0328
English   45434   Sep-08   Story about a manager getting back in touch
with his employees.

UNITED STATES   WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio)   5935.0   0241-0242
English   55445   Sep-03   Preacher with talk about the anti-Christ

UNITED STATES   WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio)   9475.0   1350-1353
English   45555   Sep-07   Preacher talking about the pain and
of being a Christian.

UNITED STATES   WWFV (Blue Ridge Communications)   5085.0   0302-0304
English   44333   Sep-03   Two men predicting a global depression and
instructing the listeners to buy gold.

UNITED STATES   WWV   5000.0   0335-0336   English   55455   Sep-08

UNITED STATES   WYFR (Family Radio)   6015.0   1243-1245   Chinese   35434
Sep-04   Music then woman talking, ID, and postal address of transmitter.

UNITED STATES   WYFR (Family Radio)   6065.0   0248-0249   English   54455
Sep-03   Preacher: "The powers of heaven and earth shall be shaken."
Continuing talk about the end of the world.  The end of the world is
always close, no matter the time in history.

UNITED STATES   WYFR (Family Radio)   13695.0   1356-1358   Chinese   45444
Sep-09   Man and woman talking with religious music in the background.
Woman giving web address in English.

UNITED STATES   WYFR (Family Radio)   17750.0   2023-2024   German   34322
Sep-06   Woman preacher.  Cannot make out details because the signal
fades in and out.

UNKNOWN   AFRTS   6350.0   0655-0700   English   32343   Sep-05

VATICAN CITY   Vatican Radio   7305.0   0349-0350   Spanish   54455   Sep-08
Mention of Jesus.