Updated version of B-Log (freeware SWL logging program)

Updated version of B-Log (freeware SWL logging program)

Post by Tom200 » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 05:08:21

Hi, folks,

   I just posted the updated version of my freeware SWL logging
program, B-Log.  The new version is V1.1 beta.

  This version is much more powerful and adaptable than the original,
while maintaining the original's flexibility and ease of use.

   This version features new export formats of publishable listings:
one for SWBC DXers, and one for MWBC Dxers.  It still includes the
format suitable for us "Ute" monitors.  You'll also find much more
powerful sorting and searching, a fully-configurable summary display
grid, and the ability to attach a file or URL to any log entry.  There
is also a report generator which makes it easy to quickly fabricate
custom exports of your log information.

   I've added lots of new fields to the log, too.  I think that this
program will be useful for just about any radio hobbyist, no matter
what your preferred activity - scanner buff, ham radio operator, ute
hound, or DXer of any form.

  The program now support both USA and international verisons of
Windows by providing mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy date formatting, and
automatically configuring itself to accommodate decimal numbers
formatted as either "14313.5" or "14313,5"

  As always, it's available as "no strings attached" freeware.  All I
ask is that you report any bugs or problems you encounter during the
beta test period.

  One caution:  I've changed the log file format.  If you're a Scan320
user, hold off on downloading this program for a couple of weeks until
I have a chance to post Scan320 V1.1 and the brand-new Scan320DB
tuning front-end for the ILG database.  If you install the new version
of B-Log into your Scan320 directory now, it will convert your log to
the new format, making it impossible for Scan320  V1.0 to read.

  You can find the new version of B-Log at my QSL.net page:




    Tom Lackamp


Updated version of B-Log (freeware SWL logging program)

Post by DaveAnt4 » Mon, 10 Sep 2001 04:31:37

> You can find the new version of B-Log at my QSL.net page:

>                  http://www.qsl.net/ab9b/

>  Enjoy!

Once again, Thanks, Tom! You're efforts on this program have been outstanding!