Information as per your request

Information as per your request

Post by SORG » Mon, 21 Aug 1995 04:00:00

                     Secured Overseas Regulatory *** Investments

The Secured Overseas Regulatory *** Investments is a marketing group.
We have been martketing ***s for the past 10 years. Because, of the
expansion of *** in over 21 different countries in various juristictions,
we are now able to offer you a ground floor opportunity in this regulatory

Various styles of *** are allowed by law depending on the country and
jusitiction. ***s with only slot machines to complete Vegas or
Monte Carlo style ***.

We have sucessfully found investement for several ***s in various countries.
Experience indicates the avarage return will be a minium of $600 US per month.

This is your opportunity to be a part of a powerful group!

ACT NOW! Send your money order for $100 US dollars to SORGI.
You will recieve your Registration Number for identifiaction and correspondence.

Secured Overseas Regulatory *** Investments is looking for a limited
number of members in this exclusive group. Once the required number of
members is achieved - this offer will be closed.

Complete the form and retun it with your $100 investment to the address below.

[   ]          I have enclosed my Investment for $100 US dollars
               (money order made payable to SORGI)
                Please send me my Registration Number in the group for
                identifcation & further correspondence.

Name:   ___________________________________________________________________

Address:   ___________________________________________________________________

City / Town:__________________________________________________________________

State/Province: _______________________________________________________________

ZIP/Postal:  __________________________________________________________________



        I understand, that ***s are not developed in a day I can expect
        my first payment no sooner than 3 months (1 fiscal quarter) from
        the time of enrollment.


Make money orders payable to SORGI and
Mail to:
        Suite 13, 2255 Centre Street North
        Calgary, Alberta
        T2E 2T4