Preview of this week's 'World Media' from BBC Monitoring

Preview of this week's 'World Media' from BBC Monitoring

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Preview of this week's 'World Media' from BBC Monitoring

World Media reports political, economic, legal, organizational, programming
technical developments in the world s electronic media.

Its weekly reports are based on material broadcast or published by radio and
TV stations,
news agencies and publications; other information issued but not necessarily
broadcast by
such sources and by other relevant bodies; and information obtained by BBC
Monitoring s
own observations of foreign media.

World Media 11th October 1996 Edition 41 1996

Editorial: The future of the mediumwave (AM) band

The onward march of FM radio services is having an inevitable impact on the
type of
radio being heard on the old mediumwave or AM band. Traditional state
broadcasters are
selling the right to operate such stations to commercial operators or hiring
airtime to
organizations wanting to broadcast. The band is still effective for some
broadcasting, but domestic AM audiences will continue to drop unless action
is taken.


WorldSpace and RealAudio:
Two reports from Radio Netherlands about developments from the companies at
leading edge of  digital satellite radio and Internet audio delivery

UK's Capital Radio on air in Brunei:
Both of the London-only Capital Radio services are now relayed nationally
across Brunei
in real time on FM. A Capital Radio spokesman talks about the export of its

Radio Democracy now on shortwave:
The pro-Hutu clandestine station, which has been the subject of
international concern, is
aiming to be heard more widely on shortwave. The station was previously only
heard on
the FM band.

Humanitarian Radio Agatashya's plans:
The Zaire-based humanitarian station, which has UNHCR support, is planning
to expand
further into Burundi and will cover the forthcoming war crimes tribunal in

RCI and YLE launch radio Web sites:
Radio Canada International and the Finnish Broadcasting Company have both
Internet Web sites which offer news programmes and RealAudio services. Both
stress the increase in accessibility that the Internet offers.

AWR granted shortwave licence:
Adventist World Radio has received a long-awaited licence for a shortwave
facility in
Italy. AWR has also hired a mediumwave transmitter in Armenia to reach the
Middle East
in Arabic and Persian.

Head of state TV and radio on reform:
Eduard Sagalayev outlines the many difficulties facing All-Russian State TV
and Radio,
including a cash crisis in the distribution system.

Reaction to Radio Free Asia:
The USA's new broadcaster has drawn unfavourable comment in the Chinese and
Vietnamese media. The director of the station has also been interviewed
about the plans
for the station and a detailed schedule is published.

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