ScanShack? Auction, It's FREE

ScanShack? Auction, It's FREE

Post by ScanShac » Wed, 25 Sep 2002 08:46:14

Tired of paying those auction fees?
Tired of having your scanner removed from "a certain" auction site because
it can receive certain frequencies?
Well, give ScanShack? Auction a try.  It's FREE and works similar to those
other auction sites.

Features: Post items with pics, text & html descriptions, automated e-mail
when out bid and end of auction, unique item numbers, URLs (for advertising
on newsgroups), bid history & more !

Item Categories include:

Books, manuals, magazines, schematics
CB Radio
Consumer Electronics
Ham Radio
Other misc. items
Radio Scanners
Shortwave Radio

Visit and select the ScanShack? Auction link.