Zimbabwe Log Info

Zimbabwe Log Info

Post by Chuck Ripp » Mon, 28 Nov 1994 23:01:00

Flash - Flash

0422 UTC

You should have received the information I forwarded from
Jorma Mantlya in Finland regarding his logging of Zimbabwe.

Tonight, I checked the other frequencies used by Zimbabwe in the past
and I caught them on 3.306 with S9 signal levels.  After listening to
the tape of the 0400 ID several times, I am 99% certain the ID I heard
was them.  Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of splatter from R.
Cultural on 3.300 and the 3.306 signal was fading fast due to their
being well into daylight.  The sun begins to rise on their eastern
border at about 0235 UTC. At 0400, they were fading fast.  I am going
back at 0230 - 0300 tomorrow and see if I can catch the sign on.

Here is the logging detail:

to back US pops.  More commercials?/announcements at 0345.  Low drums

was covered by a splatter burst from R. Cultural but the R-3 is
consistent with the nomenclature of the networks as detailed in my 1993
WRTH.  Faded out by 0445.  RIPPEL, VA

Additionally, on 11/27, they appeared again but with a little different

hi-life mx till 0352* w/ abrupt off.  Near FM quality w/ station


This information from Dave Clark in Ontario.

#: 851 S0/CompuServe Mail  [MAIL]
    25-Nov-94 00:36 EST
Sb: Zimbabwe is back!
Fm: David Clark

  Nov 24/94           ZIMBABWE BACK ON TROP BAND

  Nov 17 RNMN first cited ZBC back on the air, apparently testing
  irregularly. 3306 (Radio 2) was heard testing by a UK listener on
  UT evening of November 7th. On Nov 24th RNMN, Chris Greenway of
  BBCM reports Radio 1 was heard briefly at 2000 on Nov 18th on
  3396. The transmitter then went off the air, although the service
  is scheduled to run to 2200*. Today I also had a phone message
  at my office from my friend Tony Ward who reported hearing the
  commercial service on 3306 circa 2130.

  So both of these old channels are being used [seemingly not
  concurrently] for tests of the new (50 kW ?) transmitters that
  I believe were supplied in the form of aid by China. It was
  announced in Sept that regular ZBC shortwave service would be
  restored by the end of the year. A former 60m channel that
  would be worth watching as well is 4828. (DMC)


Message compiled at 09:03 on 11/27/94
Chuck Rippel

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