Speedx World of Utilities Electronic Edition, Nov.93

Speedx World of Utilities Electronic Edition, Nov.93

Post by Richard Bak » Sat, 06 Nov 1993 00:23:43

 =====     SPEEDX's World of Utilities Electronic Edition   ====
  =====          Specializing in Utility Signals           ====
   ==========    Vol. 2, No. 7   November, 1993     ==========
                   Edited by Richard Baker

Note: This Electronic Edition is from the August, 1993 SPEEDX
member bulletin "Shortwave Radio Today". Speedx utility coverage
consists of two columns:

    UTILITIES: Edited by Mike Wolfson. Logging's, frequencies, and
schedule information. Contributions in these area's can be sent to
Mike at:
        Mike Wolfson
        1842 Mifflin Ave.
        Ashland, Ohio 44805

    UTILITY NOTES: Edited by Richard "RD" Baker. News and information
about the world of utilities, and utility stations. Contributions
in these area's can be sent to myself at:

        Richard Baker
        1352 Cavalcade Dr.
        Austintown, Ohio, 44515-3844

   *Please feel free to re-post this file to other boards, as long
as the file remains unchanged. Permission is granted to use this
information so log as SPEEDX, and World of Utilities Electronic
Edition is cited as the original source. COPYRIGHT 1993, SPEEDX.
              Utility Logging's, Schedules, and Frequencies
                          Edited by Mike Wolfson
                              1842 Mifflin Ave.
                             Ashland, Ohio 44805


4372     3CR: No ID 1125 6/17 USB (wkg Giant Killer re sked for day and event
         V1472, ments re Courageous & Tail Rider, inspection by AVATL postponed
         events) (Braun, Va.)
4725     AJE: USAF Croughton UK 0440 USB (m w/number/ltr grps, ID) (Orr, Va.) (wel-
         come to the column Tony-MW)
5598     Gander Radio ATC: Canada USB (wkg AA787, N1910A) (Orr, Va.)
5692     NMK: USCG Cape May Air N.J. US 0534 USB (wkg Rescue 6576 re/SAR tfc)
         (Baker, Oh.)
6577     New York Aeradio: US 0350 USB (wkg N5770, HK2587, AA951) (Orr, Va.)
6622     Gander Aeradio: Canada 0303 USB (wkg Speedbird 173, SELCAL PMCL, KLM
         672) (Orr, Va.)
6628     Santa Maria Aeradio: Azores 0342 USB (wkg Springbok 202, SELCAL SCAQ)
         (Orr, Va.); New York ATC: US 0727 USB (wkg Speedbird 201) (Orr, Va.)
6679     KVM70: Volmet Honolulu Hi US 0755 USB (wx for various places) (Orr, Va.)
6738     MQP: RAF Upavon UK 0731 USB (wx, color codes, ments re/Upavon & RAF)
         (Orr, Va.); XPH: USAF Thule AFB Greenland 0704 USB (numbers/ltr grps,
         ID) (Orr, Va.); AIE2: USAF Andersen AFB Guam 0717 USB (number/ltr grps,
         ID) (Orr, Va.); AFE: USAF McDill AFB Fl. US 0720 USB (wkg Palomino, no
         joy) (Orr, Va.); McClellan GHFS: 0647 USB (EAM) (Baker, Oh.)
6753     CHR: Trenton Military Radio Canada 0331 USB (wx, IDs) (Orr, Va.); CJX:
         Meteo St John's Military Radio Canada 0740 USB (wx, ID) (Orr, Va.)
         8957 EIP: Volmet Shannon Ireland 0649 USB (wx, ID) (Orr, Va.)
6798     Guantanamo Aeradio (?): Cuba 0615 USB (2 SS speaking men, no ID HELP)
         (Orr, Va.)
7833     King 1, 2, 3: 1157 6/22 USB (wkg Cape Radio w/rx chk) (Braun, Va.)
8825     New York Aeradio: US 0322 USB (wkg Speedbird 1254 QSY to 6628) (Orr, Va.)
8831     Gander Radio: Canada 0318 USB (wkg American 86) (Baker, Oh.)
8846     New York Aeradio: US 2212 USB (wkg AC967, AA704) (Orr, Va.)
8855     Piarco ATC: Trinidad 0753 USB (wkg u/ID a/c) (Orr, Va.)
8864     Gander Radio: Canada 0324 USB (wkg American flt SELCAL ALCH) (Baker, Oh.)
8891     Iceland IFSS: 0309 USB (wkg Ascot 3356-RAF cargo a/c, SELCAL DHKL)
         (Baker, Oh.)
8906     Santa Maria IFSS: Azores 0313 USB (wkg Ascot 3221-RAF cargo a/c)
         (Baker, Oh.)
8918     Ascension Island: 2249 USB (wkg u/id a/c) (Baker, Oh.)
8930     Stockholm LDOC: 0329 USB (wkg Carpenter (?) 571) (Baker, Oh.)
8967     Exxon 72: 0346 USB (Barksdale AFB KC-10 wkg Lajes Azores GHFS pp
         Raymond 12-CP England AFB, La.) (Baker, Oh.); Reach 709MB: USB (C-141
         wkg u/id GHFS stn, pp McGuire re/wx, PIREP) (Baker, Oh.)
8993     Smokey 01: 1727 USB (wkg McDill GHFS w/pp) (Baker, Oh.)
10050.7  VFG: Volmet Gander Radio Canada 2055 6/16 USB (wx) (Bellovich, Fl.)
10780    King 3: 1156 6/22 USB (clg Cape Radio w/rx chk, QSY to 7833) (Braun, Va.)
11176    McDill AFB: USAF Fl. US 2225 USB (wkg Shark 6 w/sked) (Orr, Va.);
         Bronco 10: 0122 USB (wkg Offutt GHFS re/MARS freq- 13993, 20870 given)
         (Baker, Oh.)
11200    MVU: RAF Volmet UK 2115 USB (wx, ID) (Orr, Va.); West Drayton: Volmet
         UK 0033 6/29 USB 353 (wx for various locations) (D'Angelo, Pa.)
11201    NOJ: Commsta Kodiak Alaska US 0358 USB (wkg Rescue 1715 (HC-130H), pp
         Kodiak Air w/patient rpt, requests ambulance) (Baker, Oh.)
11233    Rescue 305: 1720 USB (wkg CHR, pp Trenton) (Baker, Oh.)
11300    Cairo Aeradio: Egypt 2344 USB (wkg Aussie 057) (Orr, Va.); Khartoum
         Aeradio: Sudan 2348 USB (wkg KLM 561, Speedbird 215, AIREPS, Kenya 145)
         (Orr, Va.); Nairobi Aeradio: Kenya 0020 USB (wkg Kenya 145) (Orr, Va.)
13264    EIP: Volmet Shannon Ireland 1820 USB (wx for various cities) (Orr, Va.)
13270    VFG: Volmet Gander Canada 1955 USB (wx ID) (Orr, Va.)
13282    KVM70: Volmet Honolulu Hi US 2137 USB (wx for various cities) (Orr, Va.)
13312    Rockwell Flt Test: 1832 USB (wkg u/id a/c) (Baker, Oh.)
13304    Tel Aviv LDOC: Israel 2002 USB (m in Hebrew LDOC/EL AL) (Orr, Va.)
13330    Condor 594: 1516 7/10 USB (pp to Lufthansa dispatch via N.Y. re/vibration
         on takeoff-possible flat tire, ment re/Puerto Plata Dominican Republic)
         (Halstead, W.V.)

6288.5   IGJ: Augusta Naval Italy 0132 6/8 (ID) (Lukas, N.Y.)
8360     C6JC5: Presidio 0438 7/10 (wkg GKB) (Halstead, W.V.) (welcome to the
8365     9HWG3: Blue Light 0518 7/10 (wkg IQX, w/port info- Ras Lanuf, Libya)
         (Halstead, W.V.)
8492     PPR: V Marker Rio De Janiero Brazil 0357 6/26 122 (marker) (Berri. Ca.)
8496     CLA20: CQ Marker Havana Cuba 0400 6/26 333 (CQ marker) (Berri, Ca.)
8502     PPL: V Marker Belem Brazil 0402 6/26 222 (V marker) (Berri, Ca.)
8589     HPP: V/CQ Marker Panama City Panama 0416 6/26 222 (marker) (Berri, Ca.)
8682     EAD3: DE Marker Madrid Spain 0420 6/26 212 (marker) (Berri, Ca.)
9996     RWM: Time Signals Russia 2315 (Orr, Va.)
12425    ELP17: Bobilna 1509 7/14 (wkg WLO w/ ETA for SW Passage) (Halstead, W.V.)
12430.5  P3WC3: Iolocos Glory 1615 7/14 (wkg WLO w/position rpt for Athens)
         (Halstead, W.V.)
12432    DZEZ: Fairwind Express 0329 7/15 (wkg CBV off Chile in rough seas, ETA
         Ventanas) (Halstead, W.V.)
12448    LAMF2: Bandak 0349 7/14 (wkg KPH) (Halstead, W.V.)
12450    J8FS6: City of Tobolsk 0438 7/13 (wkg SVB w/ETA for Batumi Georgia)
         (Halstead, W.V.)
12474    5MEU: Federal Calumet 1606 7/13 (wkg WLO w/AMVER msg) (Halstead, W.V.)
16630    9HYJ2: Avon 1554 7/12 (wkg CLA w/urgent msg for Mambicuba in Havana)
         (Halstead, W.V.)
12799.5  PCH51: CW Marker FC Scheveningen Netherlands 0155 6/16 222 (marker)
         (Berri, Ca.)
16835    CMU967: Santiago Cuba 0153 7/2 (clg RMGL Marshal Ustinov) (Blair, Ca.)


2103.5   CGAS: Canadian CG St. Lawrence 0610 USB (wkg Ann Harvey w/wx) (Baker, Oh.)
2182     VCS: Halifax CG Radio Canada 0602 USB (re MAYDAY relay for LuAnn taking
         on water) (Baker, Oh.)
4125     WRW2305: Algonquin 0614 USB (wkg Viking-WBN3428 & Scandia) (Baker, Oh.)
4369     WLC: Rogers City Radio US 0301 USB (MAYFOR b/c for Great Lakes) (Baker,
4372     W5I: 1220 6/24 USB (wkg 4R w/vessel ID request, confirmed as Newport
         Class LST) (Braun, Va.)
4420     WOO: Oceangate Radio N.J. US 0245 5/25 USB (Lukas, N.Y.)
4560     CYWJ: HMCS Porte St Jean (YNG-180) 0514 USB (wkg CFH w/rdo ck-training-
         /port ctrl vessel) (Baker, Oh.)
5198.5   Halifax Military: 0130 6/11 USB (pp w/HMCS Iroquis to GT re repairs, QRM
         from HMCS Pt. St. Jean, told to use "proper SOP", QSY to A5A) (Braun, Va.)
5320     CG 6009: 1322 6/27 USB (wkg USCGC Point Arena w/request for radio
         guard, position rpt, 6009 is an HH-60) (Braun, Va.)
5691     Whiskey Net: 0249 USB (Whiskey Bravo/other units w/ tfc, possible USN)
         (Baker, Oh.)
5696     CG 6009: 1315 6/27 USB (wkg Commsta Portsmouth re freqs for USCGC Point
         Arena, 381.8 and 5320 given) (Braun, Va.)
6288.5   KHRP: Sea Land Liberator 0303 6/16 (AMVER to KLB) (Blair, Ca.)
6501     NMO: USCG Commsta Honolulu Hi US 0552 USB (wx, ID) (Orr, Va.)
6513     VCS: Halifax CG Radio Canada 0810 USB (wx ,forecast, ice rpt, ID) (Orr,
7833     USS Underwood: 1212 6/22 USB (wkg Cape Radio w/count down request)
         (Braun, Va.)
8294     WX5891: El Muro 0547 7/15 USB (clg WGW San Juan) (Halstead, W.V.)
8296     NO ID: 1430 6/19 USB (net re/fishing conditions/wx) (Bellovich, Fl.)
8716     RN Coastal Control: UK 0610 USB (Channel FA w/ 2 tone signal) (Baker, Oh.)
8725     HEB4B: Berne Radio Switzerland 0622 USB (wkg u/id ves in EE) (Baker,
8728     EHY: Madrid Radio Spain 0539 USB (wkg EDPQ) (Baker, Oh.)
8746     SPO41: Szczecin Radio Poland 0557 USB (ID, wkg u/id ves w/R/T tfc)
         (Baker, Oh.)
8761     C6KM: Holiday 0052 USB (wkg WOO w/R/T tfc) (Baker, Oh.)
8764     NMG: Commsta New Orleans La. US 2250 USB (wkg Q9N simplex re/RTTY
         failure, QSY 8719) (Baker, Oh.)
8782     HEB18: Berne Radio Switzerland 0618 USB (tfc lst) (Baker, Oh.); HEB18:
         Berne Radio Switzerland 0620 USB (ID and call for tfc) (Baker, Oh.)
8791     C6KM: Holiday 0609 USB (8791/8267, wkg WOM) (Baker, Oh.); NLBH: USS
         Long Beach (CGN-9) 0747 USB (R/T tfc w/WOM, hrd next night at 0518)
         (Baker, Oh.)
8806     FFL41: St Lys Radio France 0704 USB (clg ELAQ) (Baker, Oh.)
8809     C6LG6: Windward 0003 USB (wkg WOM w/R/T tfc) (Baker, Oh.); NJLK: USS
         Kaufman (FFG-59) 0009 USB (wkg WOM w/R/T call, QSY Ch 1209, no joy)
         (Baker, Oh.)
8972     Commentator 711: 2237 USB (wkg N1M w/Spare Grp msg) (Baker, Oh.);
         Charlie 722: 2238 USB (wkg Charlie Fox w/position info, advises Doctor
         31 is closest-USN comms) (Baker, Oh.)
13077    KMI: San Francisco Radio Ca. US 0315 6/22 USB (wkg Nordic Prince)
         (Lukas, N.Y.)
13104    EHY: Madrid Radio Spain 0558 USB (air horn, tfc lst) (Baker, Oh.)
13110    SVN: Athens Radio Greece 1921 USB (ID, time stn rebroadcast) (Baker, Oh.)
13113    PCG51: Scheveningen Radio Netherlands 2237 USB (wkg u/id ves in EE/??)
         (Baker, Oh.)
17245    GCDG: RN Ark Royal (R-07) 1745 USB (wkg Portishead w/R/T tfc) (Baker, Oh.)
17250.7  Halifax Radio: Canada 0207 6/2 USB (wx) (Bellovich, Fl.)
17314    SPO81: Szczecin Radio Poland 1832 USB (ID) (Baker, Oh.)


6873     VOA: Greenville N.C. US 0340 6/29 USB 454 (VOA feeder, AA nx re/mideast)
         (D'Angelo, Pa.)
10868.9  VOA: Bethany Oh. US 2101 6/16 USB (GG nx) (Bellovich, Fl.)
11570    ZLQ24: Antarctica New Zealand Base Scott 2317 USB (EE, m w/Aussie
         accent "This is Scott") (Orr, Va.)
13318    NO ID: 2105 SSB (vox tfc or phone by 2/3 UR or JP m) (Orr, Va.)
14295    WA3NAN: Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt Md. 1415 USB ( test of
         shuttle equipment) (Bellovich, Fl.)
14441.5  NNNONCJ: USCGC Barque Eagle (WIX-327) 2217 USB (clg ASSMS, pp tfc)
         (Baker, Oh.)
14442.5  NNNOCOA: USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) 0026 USB (clg ASSMS, off freq 1
         Mhz., NNNOZQF ans, QSY 14391.5, ves w/Roosevelt Battle Grp in Med)
         (Baker, Oh.)
19378.8  VOA: US 1612 6/5 USB (EE nx) (Bellovich, Fl.)


6336     MTO: RN Rosyth Scotland 0100 6/8 850/75 533 (freq lst, ID) (Card, R.I.)
7834.7   5ST: ASECNA Antananarivo Madagascar 0501 ARQ E3 241/48 (idling) (Hall,
8094.9   RFFVA: FAF Paris France 0509 ARQ M2 425/200 (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
8137.7   7QZ32: AFTN Lilongwe Air Malawi 0510 386R/50 (sitrep, metar, RYs)
         (Hall, S.A.)
8302.7   NO ID: 0523 170N/50 (5 ltr grps, LOR Puerto Belgrano) (Hall, S.A.)
8388.6   LASP4: Bonita 1030 SITOR A (possible rpt to Hydroship Norway via ZSC)
         (Hall, S.A.)
9041     5YE: Nairobi Kenya 2250 6/13 850/100 354 (ID coded tfc) (Card, R.I.)
9048     NAM: USN Driver Va. US 0110 6/14 VFT/ISB 555 (coded tfc) (Card, R.I.)
12479    J8GG2: Alexander Schulte 0206 6/29 SITOR A (wkg WLO) (Blair, Ca.)
12483    LXDE: Deloris 0330 6/30 SITOR A (wkg KPH) (Blair, Ca.)
12493.5  3EWJ4: Beeco America 0212 6/30 SITOR A (wkg WLO) (Blair, Ca.)
12494.5  SQEQ: Kopalnia Walbrzych 0221 6/20 SITOR A (wkg SPB62) (Blair, Ca.)
12579    NMO: USCG Honolulu Hi. 1335 6/25 SITOR B (wx) (Blair, Ca.)
12596.5  PCH56: Schveningen Netherlands 0306 6/30 SITOR A (wkg P3ZJ2 Reefer
         Countess) (Blair, Ca.)
13347.9  MFA Cairo: Egypt 1705 SITOR A (AA tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
13375.3  DOR: MFA Sofia Bulgaria 1725 506N/50 (5 ltr grps) (Hall, S.A.)
13427.1  NO ID: 1720 ARQ S 253/96 (good tune, no data) (Hall, S.A.)
13444    RFQP: French Forces Djibouti 1236 ARQ E3 390/100 (CdeV, ID) (Hall, S.A.)
13256.2  DHJ51: Grengel Meteo Germany 1717 430N/100 (wx codes, aero tfc) (Hall,
14356.1  GFL24: Bracknell Meteo UK 1755 425R/50 (wx codes) (Hall, S.A.)
14395.7  AJE: USAF Croughton UK 1748 875N/75 (e ltr area wx codes, wx) (Hall, S.A.)
14929    NO ID: 1715 SITOR A (phasing, "OM YTLARU", garbage) (Hall, S.A.)
15597    SPB62: Szczecin Poland 0227 6/30 SITOR A (wkg SQEQ Kopalnia Walbrzych)
         (Blair, Ca.)
16348.1  NO ID: 1640 SITOR A (FF tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
16588.4  NO ID: 1645 838R/75 (RYs, coded tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
16683.5  UKVG: Kompositor Chaikovsky 1656 SITOR A (wkg Riga) (Hall, S.A.)
16687.5  CBAC: Aconcagua 0227 6/29 SITOR A (wkg CBV) (Blair, Ca.)
16694    J8HH6: Theo 1921 6/26 SITOR A (wkg KPH) (Blair, Ca.)
16694.7  WECB: Melville 1936 6/23 SITOR B (wkg WWD) (Blair, Ca.)
16716.5  UVQN: Kapitan Putilin 2152 6/28 SITOR A (wkg UFN) (Blair, Ca.); UZEK:
         Mekhanik Vraskov 2330 6/28 SITOR A (wkg UFN) (Blair, Ca.)
16793.1  NO ID: 1300 SITOR B (EE nx re Manila, "Tawon Dodong & Balik Sa" sked)
         (Hall, S.A.)
16801    UIZV: Rabotchaia Cmena 1235 170N/50 (wkg Vladivostok) (Hall, S.A.)
16806.5  NIK: USCG Boston US 1220 SITOR B (iceburg position warnings (Hall, S.A.)
16807    9VG82: Singapore Radio 1502 6/28 SITOR A (wkg KIBK Green Island) (Blair,
         Ca.); 9VG82: Singapore 1538 6/28 SITOR B (tfc list) (Blair. Ca.)
16807.1  9VG82: Singapore Radio 1230 SITOR B (wx) (Hall, S.A.)
16828    UBN: Mariupol Radio Ukraine 1225 SITOR A (greetings, RR tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
16914.6  SPH84: Gydnia Radio Poland 1717 SITOR A (CW ID, pulses) (Hall, S.A.)
16927    UJY: Kalingrad Radio Russia 1720 170N/50 (RY, ID, ANS 16672.5) (Hall,
16936.9  GYA: RN London UK 1725 220N/100 (RYs, coded tfc, strange shift/speed)
         (Hall, S.A.)
17441    5YE: Nairobi Kenya 2235 6/6 850/100 354 (ID, 5 ltr grps) (Card, R.I.)
17443.7  5YE: Nairobi Meteo Kenya 1040 845R/96 LSB (wx codes) (Hall, S.A.)
17456.8  NO ID: 1707 SITOR A (MFA Cairo (?), "VUK rpt", "KOPS YS KF DJ SCRF")
         (Hall, S.A.)
18035.2  ZRH: South African Navy 1202 476R/75 (foxes, 10 count, shift change)
         (Hall, S.A.): ZRH: South African Navy 1211 814R/75 (Simonson) (Hall, S.A.)
18039.9  TCY4: AA Ankara Turkey 1127 817R/48 (TT nx, exchange rates) (Hall, S.A.)
18061.3  MTO: RN Rosyth UK 1655 835R/75 (tst tape, ID, "LF STATE A2/8 BL")
         (Hall, S.A.)
18066.8  NO ID: Egyptian Embassy 1206 SITOR A (AA tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
18101.1  NO ID: 1210 190/86 (mode unknown) (Hall, S.A.)
18175.7  Kinshasa/Lumumbashi Bank Circuit: Zaire 1216 SITOR A (FF tfc) (Hall, S.A.)
18190.1  FSB59: Interpol Lyons France 1141 SITOR A (5 ltr grps) (Hall, S.A.)
18265.2  CNM78: MAP Rabat Morocco 1653 386R/50 (FF nx, // 18221.1-CNM76) (Hall,
18274.8  NO ID: 1612 SITOR A (pulses) (Hall, S.A.)
18296.8  RFQP: French Forces Djibouti 1622 ARQ M2 369/200 (iding, also on ARQ E3
         424/96) (Hall, S.A.)
18340.9  NO ID: 1150 830/50 (M7000 could not decode) (Hall, S.A.)
18341.8  NO ID: 1650 SITOR A (off at 1652 w/VXCT on screen) (Hall, S.A.)
18360.4  RFFX: French Forces Versailles France ARQ E 385/72 (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
18365.2  6WW: French Navy Dakar Senegal 1155 833/96 (not 75 baud, unable decode)
         (Hall, S.A.)
18379.9  NO ID: 1639 ARQ S 402/96 (good tune, no data) (Hall, S.A.)
18388.7  5AF: Tripoli Air Libya 1624 337R/50 (RYs, ID) (Hall, S.A.)
18441.2  JMJ5: Tokyo Meteo Japan 1158 FAX (good wx chart) (Hall, S.A.)
18446.9  MKK: BA London UK 1644 170R/50 (RYI/ID/foxes on several channels)
         (Hall, S.A.)
18600.2  NO ID: 1640 not sure of mode maybe SITOR A, ARQ6-90 (Hall, S.A.)
18648.6  SPW: Szezecin Poland 1510 SITOR B (w/no id ship re food supplies)
         (Hall, S.A.)
18760.2  PGZ ?: MFA Paris (?) France 1635 not sure of mode (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
18896.0  EDSM: Russian Navy Vasily Revyakin 1645 170N/50 (wkg Novorossissk, odd
         freq) (Hall, S.A.)
19062.5  NO ID: 1630 not sure of mode 159/64-86 (Hall, S.A.)
19101.9  RFLI: French Navy Fort de France Mauritania 1247 ARQ E3 369/192
         (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
19130.2  JPA59: Interpol Tokyo Japan 1250 SITOR A (phasing signals) (Hall, S.A.)
19749.4  CVU79: Dakar Meteo Senegal 1035 408N/50 LSB (usually 74 baud, wx codes)
         (Hall, S.A.)
20716.9  RFFA: MOD Paris France 1650 ARQ E3 425/192 (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
20813.7  RFTJD: French Forces Libreville Gabon 1258 ARQ E3 (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
20822    RFFXI: French Forces Bangui Central African Republic 1255 ARQ E 414/72
         (idling) (Hall, S.A.)
20865.3  RFFA: MOD Paris France 1252 ARQ M2 323/200 (coded tfc, CdeV) (Hall, S.A.)
20890.2  RFFXS: French Forces Paris France 1530 ARQ E 394/72 (tfc w/various stn)
         (Hall, S.A.)
22291.5  LXBY: Cornelius Verolme 2200 7/3 SITOR A (wkg WLO) (Blair, Ca.)
22294.5  C6JP8: Otterpool 1954 6/26 SITOR A (wkg WCC) (Blair, Ca.)
22354    LYKJ: Ablinga 1433 6/11 170/50N (RYs, ID) (Blair, Ca.)
22354.5  UVWZ: Volnyy Veter 1446 6/28 170/50N (wkg UJY) (Blair, Ca.); UFJM:
         Asteroid 1548 6/13 170/50N (wkg UJY) (Blair, Ca.)
22355.5  UHUS: Labrador 1531 6/13 170/50N (wkg UJY) (Blair, Ca.)
22359.5  UFZJ: Azimut 1734 6/9 170/50N wkg UJY) (Blair, Ca.)
22363.6  UTSS: TB Yarkii Loutch 1209 170N/50 (wkg K'grad) (Hall, S.A.)
22863    CLP44: Cuban Embassy Harre Zimbabwe 1653 529N/50 (coded tfc ending
         w/"ECO ES TODO- FBQVD") (Hall, S.A.)

    Rich Baker sent the following sked for ZSC with his logs this month:

 Cape Town Radio-Telex Frequencies   Mode A.R.Q   Selcall 4331
               ZSC 60     2850         2502        1600-0600 UTC
  4008         ZSC 61     4214         4176        H-24
  8025         ZSC 62     8428.5       8388.5      H-24
 12044         ZSC 63    12601.5      12498.5      H-24
 16019         ZSC 64    16816.0      16692.5      0600-1800 UTC
 22064         ZSC 65    22408.5      22316.5      0600-1600 UTC

 Navigation Warnings.   Weather Forecasts.   Traffic Lists. --FEC Mode
 0615, 0900, 1700 UTC.  0930 and 1730 UTC.   Even Hour plus 15 Mins.

                      Radio-Telephone Frequencies.
International call and answer. (24Hrs). Working Frequencies.
Chan, Nrs.    ZSC       SHIP            Chan, Nrs.  ZSC     SHIP.
   DSL 2      4125      4125            405        4369.0   4077.0
   421        4417      4125            801        8719.0   8195.0
   821        8779      8255            803        8725.0   8201.0
  1221       13137.0   12290            805        8731.0   8207.0
  1621       17302.0   16420           1209        13101.0  12254.0
  2221       22756.0   22060           1608        17263.0  16381.0
                                       1633        17338.0  16456.0
                                       2204        22705.0  22009.0
                                       2206        22711.0  22015.0

Remote M.F.Stations along east coast operated from Cape Town Radio.
Ships Transmit:- 2182, 2191, 2045, 2051, 2023, 2356.
RX's:-          Mode    TX's              Mode.   Working TX's Mode
Port Nolloth     H3E    Cape Columbine    H3E      2594        J3E
Cape St Martin    "
Constantia Berg   "     Cape Town          "
Milnerton         "
Struisbaai        "     Cape Agulhas       "       2783
Mossel Bay        "

Remote VHF Stations along Coast operated from Cape Town Radio
           Alexander Bay     CH 16      CH 23
           Port Nolloth         16         25
           Doringbaai           16         26
           Cape St Martin       16         23
           Malgaskop (Sda)      16         27
           Milnerton            16         25
           Constantia Berg      16         24  &  26  &  28
           Franskraal           16         27
           Struisbaai           16         27
           Albertinia           16         26  &  28

Nav Warninqs.   Wx Forecasts.   Coastal Wx. Reports. Tfc Lists
0918,1718 UTC.  0948,1748 UTC.  1333 UTC.            On receipt,
                                                     et 1748z

First announced ch VHF 16 & 2182 Khz, then up 24 or 26 or 28, 1764, 4435khz

                      Wireless-Telegraphy Service.
Frequencies:-            Hours of Service.
                      Summer.               Winter.
ZSC 33     4317        H-24                  H-24
ZSC  6     8688.5      H-24                  H-24
ZSC  9    12698       0500-2200 UTC        0500-2000 UTC
ZSC  7    17164,75    0500-2000  "         0500-1800  "
ZSC 20    22659.0     0600-1600 UTC        0600-1600 UTC

Nav Warnings.      Weather Forecasts.  Traffic Lists.       Time Signal
0630, 0900, 1700z  0930 and 1730 UTC.  Even hour +30 mins.  0755-0800z, 1655-1700z

Frequencies:-    ZSC  5   418      ZSC 46    4291   ZSC 42     8461
                 ZSC 38  12772,5   ZSC 44   17018   ZSC 40    22455

                          UTILITY NOTES
        News and Information from the World of Utilities
                   Richard "RD" Baker, Editor
                       1352 Cavalcade Dr.
                   Austintown, Ohio 44515-3844

     Wow, August already! Time flies when your having fun. This month I'm
going to try a FAX graphic, supplied by Robert Hall (RSA). Robert also sent
along these items that will be of interest:

     In recent weeks I have been picking up some excellent fax charts on
17443.7 khz USB at 120/576. Transmissions are frequent through the day and
come in strongly here in Capetown although there is some QRM from Nairobi
Meteo RTTY signals on 17442.0. The FAX also emanates from Nairobi which
has now become a "Regional Meteo Centre" with links to Offenbach and
Bracknell (and re-broadcasts from both). The FAX charts cover a wide area
with some stretching from north of Norway to south of Capetown and taking
in all of Europe and the African Continent. The emphasis is on East Africa
and the Middle East including Iran and mast of India.
     These new FAX and Meteo frequencies are not listed in CFL or the latest
Kllngenfuss guides.
     Robert also reports "during March/April 1992 good fax signals
were received here from SAAM Molodezhnaya and USN Diego Garcia (on
20310.0 khz). No Tx received from either this year although Diego
Garcia still transmits on 20300.0 khz USB".

Hall, RSA
     I have just (29/5/93) picked up a SITOR B transmission announcing
that test transmissions of NAVTEX will begin on Friday, July 9th, 1993, at
0700 UTC and continue on the following Fridays at the same time. NAVTEX is
part of the Maritime Safety Information service (MSI) which is itself part of
the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). NAVTEX is transmitted
in the SITOR B mode on 518.0 khz up to a range of around 400 miles. By
international AGREEMENT, all ships of 300 gross tons or more must be equipped
with NAVTEX receivers by August of this year. These receivers automatically
print out all the latest weather information gleaned from various satellite
and terrestrial collecting systems. There are 81 listed coastal NAVTEX
transmitters in operation around the world at this time; Capetown will be No.
82 - and not before time!!!!'
     Thanks for the information Robert. Robert also provided the FAX picture
shown above, the southern tip of S. Africa is visible.

                                 U.S. Navy
Ship News
     Destroyer Squadron 26, including the USS San Jacinto (CG-56), USS Deyo
(DD-989), and the USS Doyle (FFG-39), are participating in "Baltic Operations
'93", a U.S. invitational multi-national yearly exercise. The exercise, which
began June 8th, involves warships from over 13 countries, and will involve
the U.S. ships making numerous port calls in the northern Atlantic and Baltic
     On June 7th, another exercise began, "Eager Mace '93". This one involves
the USS Barnstable County (LST-1197) with the 24th MEU (Marine Expeditionary
Force) and the USS Wasp (LHD-1) Amphibious Ready Group (ARG). The exercise
involves Kuwaiti and United Kingdom units also, in amphibious exercises in
the Arabian Gulf. Also with the Wasp ARG are the USS Nashville (LPD-13), and
the USS El Paso (LKA-117).
     The USS Nimitz (CVN-68) remains in the Arabian Gulf, in support of
Operation Southern Watch, the enforcement of the no-fly zone over Iraq.
     The USS Saratoga is off the coast of Southern California, where the
carrier and the tanker Kanawha recently completed a two-day refueling test
demonstrating the ability refueling carriers at sea.
     The USS Independence Battle Group recently made a stop in Perth,
Australia, where members of the group took up a collection for the family of
a police officer killed in the line of duty. Other ships assigned to the
Group include the USS Independence (CV-62), USS Mobile Bay (CG-53), USS Thach
(FFG-43), USS Bremerton (SSN-698), USS San Jose (AFS-7), and USNS Andrew J.
Higgens (T-AO-190).
     For those that keep lists, the Navy recently commissioned the Guided
Missile Cruiser USS Cape St. George (CG-71). She is the 25th of 27 Ticon-
deroga-class Aegis guided missile cruisers to be built. The Navy also
recently christened the Avenger-class mine countermeasures ship USS Chief
(MCM-14). Chief is the last of 14 such ships to be built.
     The U.S. Navy's squadron of six Patrol Combatant Missile Hydrofoils
(PHM's) I wrote about last month, began their journey north from Key West,
Fl., to Little Creek, Va., where they will be decommissioned. There's quite
a history on these ships. Anyone interested, drop me a line with a SASE and
I'll send it. In fact, I have about 30 pages of Navy info I've posted on the
local SWL Sig in the last couple of months, to keep Navy UTE's up on the
various ships and op's they may be hearing. More than I can present each
month. Send a disk or floppy with your SASE, or I can mail all the pages, but
I have no idea what the cost would be.

                              U.S. Air Force
B-2 Training
     Flight testing of the B-2 is being done at Edwards AFB, Calif., where
they are temporarily assigned to the Combined Test Force, where pilot train-
ing is done. The pilots will be assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman,
where the first operational B-2 will arrive in December. The Air Force is
scheduled to receive 20 of the flying-wing design aircraft.
     On Oct.1, 1993, all of AMC's (Air Mobility Command) C-130 aircraft and
Little Rock AFB, will transfer to ACC and almost all of the tanker aircraft
will transfer to AMC, along with several additional bases to support those
tankers. Air Force officials said the transfer will allow ACC to better
integrate combat forces in support of theater commanders.

                             U.S. COAST GUARD
     No sooner do I pass on Mike's information about the recently modified
1721 aircraft, than Mr. A. Nonymous wrote to say that the 1721 has been
grounded indefinitely due to the lack of budget funds for needed repairs.
     I have also learned that all of the "Cape" class of Patrol Boat (WPB)
cutters have been decommissioned now, and that all of the "Island" class
WPB's have now been delivered.

                         MARINE/NON-MILITARY SHIPS
Ship and Callsign Changes  By Art Blair
     Art Blair in San Francisco sends these changes: Adlera (YLLV) ex Kodor
(USZX), Aizkraukle (YLEB) ex Vilis Lacis (UGOC), Akademikis Artobolevskis
(YLBY) ex Akademikis Artobolevskis (ESWB), Akademikis Bocvars (YLCV) ex
Akademik Botchvar (UJCP), Akademikis Hohlovs (YLBX) ex Akademik Khokhlov
(UROP), Aleiska (YLCO) ex Aleysk (UVFR), Artesia (3EKA9) ex Norgas Commander
(LAEJ2), Auda (YLJQ) ex Auda (LYLU), Baltijas Zvaigzne (YLFJ) ex Zvezda
Baltiki (UBZO), Birstonas (LYCR) ex Birstonas (UUNW), Birstonas (LYGM) ex
Birshtonas (ESSU), Birveta (LYGW) ex Birveta (UIYS), Birzai (LYAY) ex Birzhay
(UUZY), Birzai (LYCE) ex Birzai (UVUH), Botnijos Ilanka (LYAK) ex
Botnicheskiy Zaliv (ESWH), Dainava (LYDN) ex Daynava (EVRV), Daugavgriva
(YLFW) ex Daugavgravas (LYMN), Debrecenas (LYDW) ex Debretsen (USMV), Hazar
(UHLP) ex Bolshevik B. Aliyev (UHLP), Ivan Silver (V3MX6) ex Severodvinsk
(UQNG), Maya Princess (3EOS9) ex Concord (YJYC2), Pabazi (UJBN) ex Sergey
Lyulin (UJBN), Pabrade (LYCW) ex Pranas Zibertas (UUCP), Princess Wave (DUSV)
ex Aleglo (3ETP6), Sass (ENAF) ex Yara (UERB), Seduva (LYBA) ex Vasiliy
Yakovyenko (EWXC), Sergey Losev (UFSH) ex Sormovskiy-46 (UFSH), Simonas
Daukantas (LYLN) ex Karolis Pozhela (LYLN), Skirvyte (LYGR) ex Skirvitye
(UITK), Soela (ESME) ex Rikhard Mirring (UPEC), and Wren (J8GO2) ex
Baltiyskiy-48 (EMYI). Thanks for the update Art.

     I recently received my QSL request back from Station ZSC, Cape Town
Radio, RSA. Besides my PFC being completed rather nicely, a QSL card, made
from a post card depicting Ostriches was enclosed. Also received was a letter
from Gary Carter, signed "for Control Coastal Radio Officer", which further
described what I had heard.
     Mr. Carter also enclosed a short history of ZSC, which he thought I
might find interesting. I did, and I thought others might be also. So, here
is the history of the station, exactly as it was sent:
     "Cape Town Radio was established in 1910 at the old lighthouse site at
Kommetjie on the western seaboard of the Cape Peninsula. The first call-sign
allocated was VNC and the station operated on the 400 khz Frequency using
Spark transmitters. The operators had to work with the windows of the station
wide open to the elements, summer and winter, to release the sulphur odours
created by the apparatus.
     In 1928 the call-sign ZSC was allocated and is still in use today.
During World War Two Cape Town Radio played a valuable role intercepting
distress messages from allied ships under Axis submarine attack or being
shelled by German pocket battleships. It is recorded that on one occasion the
station monitored eight distress calls in ten minutes.
     Towards the middle of the war, the station moved to Wireless Road, in
Kommetjie where it shared premises with the Royal Navy until 1960. In
September 1965 the station moved to its present location in Koeberg Road,
Milnerton, to premises that had recently been vacated by the South African
Broadcasting Corp.  The main operations room is in the only sound studio.
Nearby is the building in which Marconi established the Wireless and
Telegraph Co, in 1919.
     Cape Town Radio established itself on the world maritime map from June
1967 when the Suez C***was closed by the Arab/Israeli conflict. The station
played a vital role in controlling communication traffic of the thousands of
ships that diverted to the cape route. Congestion on the airways was chronic
at times with as many as 27 ships waiting in turn on the various circuits for
service. Congestion was just as bad at the ports. Frequently there were more
than 100 ships at anchor in Table Bay roadstead seeking bunkers, stores and
water.  The reputation earned by Cape Town Radio during the eight years that
Suez was closed has been maintained to this day.  It is common practice for
ships passing through the Suez C***to communicate with Europe via Cape Town
     The station is today manned by an operating staff of 70, plus
technicians maintaining the transmitters at Klipheuwel 50 km north east of
the station. Klipheuwel has long been the preferred site for radio
transmitters. On relatively high ground clear of mountains, it is far enough
from the Milnerton operations centre to prevent transmitted signals
interfering with reception at Milnerton.  Marconi erected 245 m high radio
masts at Klipheuwel in 1923. This was part of a plan to establish long-wave
radio links between London and the entire British Empire.  These high masts
were never used,  because in 1924 Marconi introduced shortwave radio which
cost 1/20th of the long-wave system, used only 1/50th of the power and
trebled the trans-mission capability.
     It's been a long walk from those sulphur-laden rooms and the Spark
transmitters. Today's Capetown Radio operator sits at his computer console
and works morse, telex and radio-telephone from the one position. Marconi
would have been very proud indeed."
     I want to also add that my mint stamped envelope was returned, as they
use "official pre-franked envelopes". So for those who want to QSL Cape Town
Radio, I'd suggest you send IRC's in place of mint stamps. The address is:
Cape Town Radio, Private Bag X01, Milnerton 7435, S. Africa. It seems they
really went out of their way to answer an intrusion into their daily
business, and it was appreciated.

The Blackbird Flies Again
     Remember the SR-71 "Blackbird"? Well, NASA now owns three of them as
follows: Tail #64-17956, SR-71B trainer as N831NA, tail # 64-17971, SR-71A at
Dryden Flight Research Facility (DFRF), Edwards AFB, and tail 64-17980, also
to be at DFRF, as N844NA.
     NASA is about to start another series of SR-71 flights. Check for comms
with these aircraft on 9132, 10780, 11104, 11205, 12107, 13878 Khz, USB, for
starts. ARIA (Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft) flights have been
monitored on these frequencies.

                       UTILITY NOTES TIP OF THE HAT
     This months tip of the 'ole SWL hat has to go to Cape Town Radio, and
Gary Carter. It's apparent they are very proud of their station.

     There must have been other UTE stations that have gone "above the call
of duty" for others out there, if so, drop me a line. I'd like to see some
more interesting "catches", whether it's SSB, RTTY or FAX. Not a "writer"?
Neither am I. A few short months ago I could not even spell "editor", now I
are one! Just send your info anyway you can, I'll get it out to the members!
Like the guys in the wine coolers commercial said, "we thank you for your
support", including those who have sent letters just to say "hey", or offer
advice. Until next month, may the Force (of good DX) be with you.

    SPEEDX members had this information over two months ago!

SPEEDX publishes a monthly DX bulletin of around 43 pages,
Shortwave Radio Today (ISSN 0882-8091). Some of the column's

THE DXperience: Focusing on notes,news,and views of what's
happening in the exciting world of Shortwave radio. Edited by Dan

Trash & Treasure: Information on on catalogs, freebies, promotions,
                  and SWL related items. Edited by Donald F. Weber

WHAT'S ON: A program listing, and some freqs for SW Radio edited by
           Daniel Sampson.

WESTERN HEMISPHERE: SWBC logging's column edited by Don Thornton

EUROPE: SWBC logging's column edited by Bob Colyard

THE COMMONWEALTH: SWBC logging's column edited by Bruce Robinson

AFRICA: SWBC logging's column edited by Paul Wakefield

ASIA/OCEANIA: SWBC logging's column edited by William Westenhaver

QSL REPORT: a QSL reporting column edited by Michael Fanderys

UTILITIES: Utlilty DX loggings, frequency lists and schedules,
           edited by Mike Wolfson

UTILITY NOTES: News and information on the world of utilities,
               edited by Rick Baker

SPEEDX AWARDS: A wide variety of awards are available for members
               DX'ing accomplishments, Harold Woering, Awards
....and more!

     If you would like to learn more about the SPEEDX radio club,
(the Society to Preserve the Engrossing Enjoyment of DX'ing), a
non-profit volunteer hobby organization founded in 1971, please
write to Bob Thunberg Business Manager, SPEEDX, P.O. Box 196,
DuBois, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 15801-0196. Club dues are as follows:

       USA and Mexico                     $23.00
       Canada (AO Airmail)                 25.00
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       Europe (AO Airmail)                 33.00
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