DX-302 Modifications

DX-302 Modifications

Post by Fcathe » Mon, 23 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Here are some DX-302 modifications that will improve the performance of this
"infamous" receiver.

1. Delete R219;  it will greatly improve the RF sensitivity, especially on the
lower SW bands, BC band and longwave.  This may worsen intermod problems if you
are near strong xmtrs so you will have to use the RF gain control to

2. Delete R227;  it will cancel muting when you are tuning the MHz knob.  This
will allow for better peaking if the alignment is off and the tuning range will
be extended to about 31 MHz (the digital readout will not show it , however).

3. Remove one turn off of the lower winding of T206 (usually the gold colored
wire);  Re-tune the coil's slug to peak the sensitivity at 12 MHz (you may also
want to re-peak TC205 at 28 MHz) and the 12 to 30 MHz band should show a
significant increase in sensitivity.

4.  Optional Mod - will require schematic:  remove  C356 and re-connect the
cathode of BFO oscillator varacter diode D311 to the right hand side of C340
("hot" side of tuning cap VC4) through a 8 or 10pf capacitor.  This will turn
the BFO Pitch control into a fine tuning clarifier for the main tuning.  You
may want to re-check your LSB/USB "centering" alignment at L312.  This is a far
more functional arrangement than having a BFO pitch AND LSB/USB selection.