Daytime IBOC AM DX nugget

Daytime IBOC AM DX nugget

Post by SeeingEyeDo » Sat, 19 Aug 2006 03:20:40

I was under the impression that the range of IBOC reception is much shorter
than analog.  I found the following comment interesting and contrary to
others regarding distance reception of IBOC.  This begs the question - can
the night time AM IBOC DXing range, meaning understandable speech / ID's (
i.e. no static, hiss or adjacent chan. interference.) be further than

"One of the questions that recurs in HD Radio discussions is the usable
range of the digital signal. What I found surprised me.

"WTMJ at 620 kHz in Milwaukee, about 100 miles north, has a readable signal
over most of Chicago but there was substantial hiss and noise, especially on
the south side of Chicago where I live. You know very well you are not
listening to a local station.

"I played with the external loop that comes with the radio [Boston Acoustics
Recepter] and was able to get enough signal for the Recepter to switch and
lock onto digital. Now that was a heck of a contrast!

[ I wonder how much better a Terk AM Advantage loop would have performed ]

"I could not detect the reverb the station uses on the analog signal with
all the noise, but on the digital it was perfectly clear, clean and the
reverb was there, even though the analog signal was a lot less than optimum.
So in this case, the digital signal provided reception in excess of the
primary analog pattern.
Larry Langford is chief engineer and owner of WGTO(AM), Cassopolis, Mich. He
worked for CBS, ABC, Westinghouse and independent stations in Chicago from
1966 to 2000.

Let the flames begin!