Looks like my namesake is drunk again!

Looks like my namesake is drunk again!

Post by Lloyd Davies Retar » Tue, 24 Feb 2004 05:39:25

I am not changing my ***ing feelings about learning the ***ing code!
I am not influenced by your opinions. I, as a White American, am entitled to
say my opinion, I don't give a *** if you like it or not!

Why in the *** won't you ***ing debate me? I am entitled to opinion, are'nt
I? Well, then let me express my ***ing opinion, and let my have it without any
name calling and degrading remarks. Why don't crakheads treat me like a ***ing
*** for once?

If I feel that the code should no longer be a ***ing requirement, so ***ing
be it. I don't give a shit about anyone else who had to learn it. This is 2004,
not 1959! Morse Code is dead, I mean, even the ***ing Coast Guard don't even
monitor it on ***ing 518khz anymore! Get with the ***ing times dude!

I really get really ***ing tired of you ***ing with me man. I am just so
***ing tired of it. I am getting a ***ing lawyer who will work pro-bono and I
am gonna sue your ***ing ass out of the ***ing world! I am gonna sue your for
your ***ing car, your ***ing house and your ***ing radios. *** man, I might
even ***ing sue you to be my ***ing indentured ***ing servent!

I also don't give a *** if you don't ***ing like my ***ing spelling, my
***ing grammar, or if I was ***ing drunk while writing the ***ing post!