Is anything on 5.4 or 10.8 Mhz?

Is anything on 5.4 or 10.8 Mhz?

Post by SCN Us » Mon, 23 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Mystery solved.  

I obtained a used Radio Shack DX-350 and discovered the same signal that
was coming thru the IF of the Bearcat 4-6 was present at about 9.9 mhz.
This is the BBC World Service in English.

Some quick work with the calculator shows me that the signal was getting
into the 455 khz 2nd IF, NOT the 10.8 mhz 1st IF like I originally suspected.

The IF oscillator is 10.345 mhz.

10.8 mhz - 10.345 mhz = .455 mhz or 455 khz.

The IF IMAGE is:

10.345 mhz - .455 mhz = 9.89 mhz.

I couldn't find the EXACT freq that BBC is on since the SW freq info
on their web page is in PDF, but it's certainly a few khz +/- 9.89 mhz.

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