Post by Judah Smi » Thu, 22 Aug 2002 14:49:19

(pardon my newbie-ness as I am still somewhat unsavvy when is comes to
DXing stuff)
I found a DX-300 (dont make fun, I know ever one warned me but I
couldn't resist)  dirt cheap.  So cheap I could still keep my YB-400
and not have to sell it off to cover the price of the DX-300.  So now
I have both.  (although I haven't recieved the DX-300 yet.  I plan on
putting up a SW antenna kit from Radio shack....  *I'm finally biting
the bullet and putting up some kinf of outdoor antenna and ground.

HERE'S THE QUESTION.  Should I get an audio filter kit for the DX-300?
 I.E. on the radio shack web page they have two filter kits selling
for $11.97.  Both are put out by Vectronics.  One is a SUPER CW Audio
Filter Kit.  The other is a SUPER SSB Audio Filter Kit.  They plug in
between your reciever and your head phones?  What benefit if any do
they offer you?  (actually what on earth do they do...I would assume
filter out interference and adjactent noises)  And since much of what
I want to listen to is HAMS (voice) and Shortwave broadcasts, (not so
much morse code) I would assume the SSB filter fits my needs that right?  I know it's alot to ask, but I'm really
curious about all this.  (Yes I know get a better recieving
unit....yada yada yada....I am doing the best I can with the funds
available.  My wife would kill me is I spent over 100 dollars on a
radio of any kind. I have to make small purchases here
and know the drill)  Anyway is there any beneift to
either of these audio filters has anyone built or used one?  Is it
easy to build?  How does it work?  Whould I find it beificial at
all....especialy with the DX-300?

I live out in the middle of New signals are hard to bring
in as it is....but I don't have much in the way of powerful local
radio stations (AM or FM killing my signal.)

And don't harp on my DX-300.  I'm e***d to get it....I got it for
less than 50 bucks...and it's the first table top reciever I've ever
been able to afford.  Plus when I was a kid I use to drool over 300'
and 302's in the Radio Shack in town.  I was like 8 or 9.  So please
spare me the comments.  =)