Things to know about Degen 1102 before buying it .

Things to know about Degen 1102 before buying it .

Post by Zach Lian » Thu, 20 May 2004 04:46:43

For anyone interested in the DE1102 he should know that:

- IT has a good price. I bought it  directly from the exporter for
US60  including courier  shipping ($30 and $30 shipping!!)

- One of the best operation i found in this radio is the built in
battery charger with included 1300 mAH batteries. I have not tested
however  which is the optimum charging time for its batteries.
   Has any one tested do far?

- Narrow and standard bandwidths are offered  for AM mode(for MW an SW
bands) both having good audio using its own speaker . The company
advised me that the bandwidths are on 4 and 9 kHz
I think that FM bandwidth must be abt 250 kHz

- SSB operation . It has a quite stable BFO operation except tuning
over AM stations. Bandwidth switch works too.  

- 190 memories  in 10 banks of 19 memories.  

- Special  separate banks for MW FM and SW. These banks offer 1 kHz
step for AM and 50 kHz  for FM bands respectively

- As usually  with most modern Chinese made radios, it offers the
lower FM bands capable for listening to eastern European  stations.
Living in Northern Greece i am able to listen   to R Blagoevgrad (S
Bulgaria)  on 72.1 and 71.9 mHz though  the radio suffers from  ca 23
mHz  images

- It is a moderately sensitive radio. Its 20(?) db preamplifier offers
higher amplification on lower frequencies till say 7 MHz. Background
nose is more apparent in the lower bands but not on higher bands !
 In the package  a 5 m wire with 1.9 mm plug is available and offers
high  gain over its

- It offers very good audio fidelity though somehow 'bassy' in FM band
using its own ear buds. But the volume level is low to very low
especially  in SW !

I am using both  mini radios ( Kchibo C300 and Degen 1102)  everyday
while i walk over streets at my  work.  

More information you can find in my web page at  
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