Zimbabwe back on SW!

Zimbabwe back on SW!

Post by Jorma M{nty » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 19:44:03

Here is my latest logging:


3396,0  18.11.  2000    Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, heard with
                        fine reception & EE id 1959 UTC: "This is the
                        Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation..."  Then
                        news in vernaculars and EE.  Old frequency
                        reactivated after years of silence! JM


Jorma Mantyla
Tampere, Finland
RX: Icom IC-R71E + Beverages 130-220 m.


Zimbabwe back on SW!

Post by Jorma Manty » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 21:41:32

Thanks for the many e-mails I received after my Zimbabwe-logging.
Unfortunately the station was audible only once, that Friday-evening.
On saturady and sunday there was nothing on 3396 kHz despite relatively
good Afro-conditions.  Stn was only testing or is on the air irregurarly
or on weekdays only?

Anyway, my logging is 100% sure with many taped clear id's, so look for
old Zimbabwe-frequencies (3306, 3396, 4828 etc.).

Jorma Mantyla
Tampere, Finland