FS: TenTec SP-325 shortwave receiver

FS: TenTec SP-325 shortwave receiver

Post by David Roger » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00

For Sale:  TenTec SP-325 general coverage shortwave receiver

This is the military version of the RX-325, built under contract for the

Covers .5 to 29.999. mHz

Digital readout

About half the size of an Icom R71 or JRC receiver

keypad frequency entry

64 memories

Tuning knob

Memory scan and tune


Switchable AGC

Includes 3 filters: .5, 2.8 and 6 kHz -- very nice filters

Filters can be switched independently of receive mode

Includes built-in a.c. supply

Include: factory manual (op and maintenance) and 19" rack cabinet

Radio is in truely excellent condition and works like a champ

$375.00 plus UPS


David, WA7ZYQ


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