BBC World Service English Programmes

BBC World Service English Programmes

Post by Colin M. Wildin » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have today posted to this group the programme guides for BBC World
Service programmes in English for each of the five regional streams,
for June and July (separately).  Please distribute them widely.  If you
post them to other newsgroups I would be interested to know where you
have posted them - you can email my personal box (see sig) for this.  

For any general comments or queries on the programme guides or on any
aspect of BBC World Service output, the address is

Note that this address is fairly new (a couple of months old) and
replaces the old address.

Sorry for the lateness of the June guides - I was on holiday.

Regards, Colin Wilding

P.S. Yes, thank you, I had a marvellous time.

Colin M Wilding
IBAR, BBC World Service

Please don't send general World Service correspondence to me.