GB2SM to close

GB2SM to close

Post by Yves Remedi » Thu, 04 Aug 1994 15:48:04

The following from G0LAM:

Hi There,
         I have been advised by the Station Manager of GB2SM, Geoff Voller,
G3JUL, that it has now officially been decided today that this station will
close down as from 7th November 1994 and will be disbanded.

         The reason for the closure was given as, "There is no future in
radio  communications  and  therefore it is unlikely that the youngsters of
tomorrow  will  be interested in it as a hobby".  It is understood that the
person  directly  responsible for this department of the Science Museum was
not at the meeting to decide it's fate and therefore did not defend it!!

         I, personally, feel that a considerable loss will be felt by the
Amateur  Radio  fraternity  as  well as the many visitors to the Museum.  I
have  suggested  in the past that any of you who feel strongly enough about
this  closure,  after  40years,  of  a  window  into  the  world  of  radio
communications,  write  to  the Director of the Science Museum, direct, and
express  your feelings.  Many of you have already done so but obviously not
enough.  To those of you who have already written, I have already expressed
my  thanks,  even  if  the Museum has not done so!  But to those of you who
have yet to lift a pen, (A PEN is one of those old fashioned non electronic
plastic  writing  sticks  that  makes  marks  on  paper  without the aid of
computer or printer!!), then now is the time to do so.  

                As  one  of the operators of GB2SM, I am expecting official
notification  of the above information any day now, when they get around to
it!!   When  I  receive  a copy of the notification I will circulate it for
your  information.    If  you  require  any  more information, please don't
hesitate  to packet me a message at the BBS shown below.  I should add that
protestations  by packet have little or no effect on the powers-that-be and
the  only  way  to bring your disapproval to their notice is to deluge them
with  snail-mail!    The  address  for  those of you who have not got it is

                           The Director,
                           The Science Museum,
                           Exhibition Road,
                           South Kensington,
                           London SW7-2DD.

                73 one and all. De Geoff, G0LAM, pp GB2SM.

Yves Remedios