Case Closed - Several Cases Closed-5-24-97

Case Closed - Several Cases Closed-5-24-97

Post by N7Q » Sun, 25 May 1997 04:00:00

I haven't had time to read this newsgroup in a while so forgive me for
being late in this discussion.
I am also one of those "fast upgraders" going from no license, never
listened to code in my life to an Amateur Extra with a vanity call sign in
about 3 months.
I have never done CW on the air and do not plan to, it's just not my
interest.  However, it is just a hazing ritual and that is just fine with
me.  I'm sure a lot of us remember college fraternity hazing, all of those
stunts had no direct relevance to anything but were done anyway as a rite
of passage.
In response to the "old timers" that think there is something wrong with
this I submit this to you:

      As a physician I make decisions of considerable more difficulty and
direct relevance to people's lives than any ham radio test (theory or cw).
 Mainly I make decisions on the care of "old timers" whose health is not
status is not good trying to keep them alive and comfortable.  Probably
from all those years of RF'ing themselves with open unshielded vacuum tube
radios and amplifiers----and cigarettes of course !!!  
       I then say to the "old timers" that if someone, like myself, is
qualified to make  those decisions to keep them alive so they may operate
the radio, why then is it so difficult to agree that I am also qualified
to talk to them on the radio, even though I have not been a ham for 30+

I love amateur radio and am very active on the bands, when I can be.  All
of the "old timer", cw, etc., discussion will not keep me from enjoying it
and frankly I don't care about the code requirement now that I have passed

Please don't flame me on this, just some constrctive comment/criticism.
I do welcome discussion on the group though and I'm sure it will get some.